Our History

While Diesco is about to reach two decades of making a difference in its innovative vision and unique style of doing business, it has been quite a long road since its inception over half a century ago.


Manuel Diez Méndez founded Grupo Petroquímica, engaged in the manufacturing of plastic and rubber products.


Polyplas Dominicana began to operate as part of Grupo Petroquímica.


Incorporation of Termopac Industrial, the last company founded by Don Manolo as part of Grupo Petroquímica.


Polyplas Dominicana introduced for the first time in the Dominican Republic the Five-Gallon Plastic Bottle, which radically changed the national trend of drinking potable water from glass bottles.


  • Manuel Diez Cabral acquired Polyplas Dominicana and Termopac Industrial, the two Grupo Petroquímica companies specialized in packaging.
  • That same year Polyplas established a strategic partnership with Reid Plastic, the world's largest manufacturer of returnable water packaging for the manufacture, distribution and sale of polycarbonate bottles and five-gallon bottles throughout the Caribbean and Central America.
  • For the first time Termopac Industrial introduced Clear Pac trays (transparent containers) to the Dominican market.


  • Polyplas Internacional is established in Caguas, Puerto Rico, as an island-wide distribution facility.
  • Polyplas Dominicana developed a manufacturing line of Caps for the 5-Gallon Water Bottle under its star brand Polycap.


Moldeo Industrial is acquired, after which Injection Molding is added to the process.


Polyplas became a pioneer in introducing the PET 5-Gallon Bottle in the Dominican Republic. In addition, it developed the Medicinal Bottle manufacturing line.


The time had come to form an entity that can bring together all of Polyplas Dominicana, Termopac Industrial and Polyplas Internacional’s efforts into the same cohesive business unit. Diesco Limited was born in 2000 as a group and corporate headquarters for the 3 companies to meet this goal.


  • Termopac is a pioneer in introducing Cutlery Sets in the Dominican Republic.
  • Polyplas is introduced to the world of Plastic Preforms manufacturing.


Given the success of activities in Puerto Rico, the next step was to establish a base for manufacturing various products directly required by the market, and that opportunity came with the acquisition of PacTech International.


Termopac introduced the sale of PCV Film in the DR.


Plastic Gallon Bottles manufacturing is initiated at PacTech International (Puerto Rico).


Aluminum Foil and Waxed Paper manufacturing line is developed at Termopac.


  • Polyplas Dominicana storage capacity is significantly expanded with the acquisition of 5000 square meters adjacent to its facilities.
  • Napkin and Paper Towel manufacturing line is developed at Termopac.


Diesco entered into a strategic partnership with Barna Business School and becomes another prestigious member of the "Corporate Development Network" in the Dominican Republic.


This year Interra began to formally take shape as Diesco’s project development branch.


PacTech International acquired all assets of Cristalia Premium Water and expanded its physical facilities.


The Advisory Board is created, composed of international leaders and world-class professionals with expertise and vast experience in each of the business units that make up the Diesco Group.


  • Creation of Advanced Asset Management, an Investment Fund Management Company.
  • Creation of Advanced Trustee Services, designer and creator of fiduciary investment structures.


The Superintendency of Securities approved and registered the Closed-end Fund for Business Development, Advanced Investment Opportunities, as submitted by Advanced Asset Management (AAM), an investment management company.


Diesco signed a financial agreement with the Goldman Sachs Groups, one of the largest investment and securities banking groups in the world, in an amount equivalent to RD$4.0 billion, which allowed for supporting and accelerating the growth of Grupo Diesco and foster the Dominican Republic’s economic development.

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